Business Employment Law

Advising people about business entities best suited for their needs is a regular practice at Maguire Law. Helping people avoid litigation arising out of the purchase and sale of a business requires attention to the details of a business transaction and clear and concise agreements. Maguire Law excels at this. However, if business or employment matters lead to litigation, Maguire Law is ready to protect its clients.

If you are deciding whether or not to create a corporation, form a limited liability company, engage in a partnership, or create your own company, those decisions can have some very important business implications. Choosing the correct entity can protect against personal liability, provide an avenue for tax benefits, and insure that the investors have a fair opportunity to be involved in business decisions. Maguire Law can help you navigate through these issues and select the proper business entity for you.

If you have a breach of contract, intellectual property issue, or a trade secrets problem Maguire Law know the legal rules and will help you protect your business good will.