Environmental Law

In 2008 a large phosphate mining and fertilizer manufacturer was in a high stakes battle over the expansion of its Smoky Canyon phosphate mine in southeast Idaho.  The employees of the company and 6 cities and 3 counties needed a law firm to represent their economic interests in the legal battle that followed. Those employees and the southeastern Idaho cities and counties retained Maguire Law to represent their interests with respect to the mine expansion.  At stake were more than 1800 jobs and $80 million in economic revenue for southeastern Idaho.  Maguire Law zealously carried the message of the economic importance of the mine to the United States District Court and to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Through Maguire Law, those clients had a voice in the discussion over the mine expansion and the protection of those jobs and benefits.  Ultimately, the mine was allowed to expand and the jobs and benefits were protected.

In addition to that landmark litigation, Maguire Law has represented the City of Pocatello over the closure of an old landfill and the protection of valuable drinking water in the valley.  Maguire Law has also represented individuals and companies with respect to super fund sites, oil spills, and continuing Clean Water Act issues arising from mining operations in Southeastern Idaho.  The firm has also represented individuals with respect to insurance coverage for environmental clean ups resulting in one of the first Supreme Court decisions regarding insurance coverage for those types of claims.